Dragon Age: Inquisition – “Fellatio is implied”

The Dragon Age series loves a bit of sex; BioWare loves a bit of sex. These are emotional adventures: they’re bound to get a bit soap opera like… But how steamy will Dragon Age: Inquisition get? Let’s the let love god of age-ratings, the ESRB, explain.

“A female character briefly depicted in front of a man’s torso,” it rasps, “(fellatio is implied)… Characters depicted topless,” it breathes, “or with exposed buttocks,” it breathes again, “while lying in bed or after sex.”

Oh there’s dirty talk between characters. “I will bring myself sexual pleasure later,” one politely points out, “while thinking about this with great respect. The way your tits bounce,” another vividly imagines, “when I pin your arms and take you on the side of the bed…”

Oh, it gets steeeeamy. And it’s for those reasons, plus silly old violence – slit throats, impaled bodies, gurgles, cries of pain – and a bit of bad language (fuck, shit, asshole) that Dragon Age: Inquisition has been rated M for Mature in the US.

The game’s out here on five platforms – PC, PS4 & Xbox One, PS3 & Xbox 360 – on 21st November.

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