Halo 2 gets a facelift

While Halo: The Master Chief Collection combines the first edition of Halo with the following editions up through Halo 4, the game receiving the biggest overhaul among them is Halo 2, which celebrates its 10th anniversary on Nov. 9. The game has been given a complete visual facelift courtesy of Halo developers 343 Industries, and to complement their work, the studio brought in an industry stalwart to redo the game’s cinematic cutscenes.

Watch the exclusive debut of a Halo 2 trailer highlighting some of the work done for the game by visual effects outfit Blur Studios. The studio, which has done similar work on just about every major series in gaming, from Star Wars to Far Cry to the Batman: Arkham games, completely upgraded every memorable scene from the original Halo 2.

From environments to characters to camerawork, Blur has delivered some of their most gorgeous work to date, and the trailer is just a tease of what’s to come in the full game’s cinematics.

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