Looking for Public Events in Destiny?

It’s been like a week since I’ve posted anything! I’ve been pretty busy between my groups, my kids and pets, and of course, gaming! I’ve been pretty hooked on Destiny since the day I brought it home, than I had like a 2 week dry spell and now I’m stuck on this game like white on rice! If I plan on getting this website finished, or mostly done, than I’ll have to put the controller down for a bit.

Sooo, since we’re on the topic of Destiny… There’s an awesome website that lists countdowns for public events, exotic bounties and also tower timers as well. I have to say for the most part, they’re usually correct, and I use this site all the time to find these events. There was maybe 1 or 2 times they were off by a minute or so, but other than that – this is place to get the list! They have it listed by planet, so everything is really easy to find. Their engine uses an auto-learning algorithm to adjust times based on “thumbs up” feedback. When an event starts they ask that you press the thumbs up button. The algorithm will detect trending changes if Bungie changes their Public Events schedule.

..and this is what you’ll see when looking at events by world. The colored coded symbols on the left show how likely an event is going to happen. Green is common, orange is uncommon and red is rare.

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