Ashley “Cupcake” Pitre

I’m a 30 y/o from New Jersey, but now living in New York City. I have 3 awesome boys that are my life! I decided to start a blog with all the stuff that I love…. like technology, video games, movies, awesome gadgets and electronics! At first I had a totally different idea of what I was going to do with Geek and Nerd, but I like it now.

I love video games. I grew up with Nintendo and SEGA and my mother tells me that I learned how to read and write by the age of 2 all thanks to video games… so I’ve been gaming since I was in diapers!! There was a small period where I didn’t like video games and wanted nothing to do with them… but that simply just went away. Now my Xbox, Wii U, and PlayStation get a hell of a lot of play! I have over 120 games for my xbox… but that just makes it harder to choose a game that I want to play!! To see a list of the video games I own, click here. I also have every single console known to man EXCEPT for the Nintendo Switch.

I love playing online so if you want someone to play with add me! My Nintendo name is ShesDragonborn86 Xbox Live is aNakedCupcake and for PlayStation my username is ShesDragonborn86.



These are my boys. Jeremiah (13), Joseph (7) & Isaiah (9)
These boys are the light of my life. We love to play video games together! You can usually catch us playing Charlie Murder, Injustice, Minecraft, COD, Battleblock Theater and any game from the LEGO franchise.



Isaiah rockin’ out on Call of Duty. He even has his game face equipped! Lol