Destiny’s Trial of Osiris Full Reveal Today

“Come. Test yourself in the trials. Find the way through the darkness.”

This cryptic message begins the teaser for an upcoming Destiny competitive multiplayer event called the Trials of Osiris, to be released alongside House of Wolves on May 19th. What Trials of Osiris entails is mostly a mystery at this point. The short teaser reveals new gear and weapons that can presumably be obtained in the event, all falling under the Egyptian-esque aesthetic theme.

A full reveal for the Trials of Osiris will take place today at 11AM PST (2PM EST), on the official Bungie Twitch channel. The live stream will explain everything there is to know about the new event, and it will be hosted by Derek Carroll and Lars Bakken, two designers from Bungie that worked on the Crucible (Destiny‘s competitive multiplayer content). Carroll and Bakken will be joined by a special guest community member, who goes by the handle Triplewreck.
Trials of Osiris will be added to Destiny alongside the House of Wolves expansion, but it is not made clear by the video if House of Wolves will be required to play the content. After all, Bungie teased a substantial update for the game to coincide with the release of House of Wolves expansion, and it could be that Trials of Osiris was partly what they were referring to.

In the meantime, House of Wolves is bringing a bevy of additional content besides the Trials of Osiris competitive multiplayer event. For example, a brand new social space known as The Reef is being introduced to the game in the new expansion, marking the first new social area in the game since the Tower.

In addition, a brand new co-op mode is being added in the form of the Prison of Elders. This cooperative battle arena is actually the main cooperative experience for the DLC, as Bungie has confirmed that House of Wolves will not feature a new Raid.

All of this content from the House of Wolves expansion, including the Trials of Osiris Crucible event, will be available in just a couple of weeks, so fans of Destiny don’t have to wait long to sink their teeth into it.

Despite a vocal minority against the game, Destiny has proven to be wildly successful for both Bungie and publisher Activision, becoming the third best-selling game of 2014 in the process. House of Wolves is bringing to the table a dizzying amount of new content, and it looks to entertain the Destiny faithful (some more faithful than others), while also bringing back those that have strayed from the game in the months since its release.


Just in time for the upcoming Dark Below expansion, Destiny players can now use the Sword of Crota in Patrol.

The blade, which originally appeared in a mission of the same name, is now available as part of a new public event called The Blades of Crota. The new event was discovered as part of the new update (Dec 1st, 2014), and its occurrence is on both the Moon and on Earth.

In order to get your hands on the sword, you’ll have to wait for the event to start and track down a gold Hive Knight called The Blade of Crota. After killing him, the sword will be yours to use. It will only last a minute or two, so be sure to make it count!!!

The newest update for Destiny goes live today

Bungie has released a new update for first-person shooter Destiny that makes significant changes to the game’s most powerful items.

The 75.09MB update, which brings the game up to version 1.1, buffs a raft of exotic class guns and nerfs one of its most popular.

Today’s Destiny update comes a week before the release of expansion one: The Dark Below.
“Exotic Weapons are designed to look, feel, and sound overpowered,” the developer wrote on

“At the same time, they are not supposed to break the balance of the game. We hope these weapons challenge the way players think about their loadouts. Exotics will be a constant work in-progress.”

Of particular interest, the much-maligned Thorn and Bad Juju guns have been buffed. Meanwhile the Suros Regime auto rifle, used by many players, has been nerfed.

Bungie has also changed the way you upgrade exotic weapons and armor. In a move clearly designed to help players fully upgrade their best items before next week’s release of expansion one The Dark Below, exotics no longer require the tricky-to-get Ascendant Materials to upgrade. Now, the final node of all exotic gear requires a new material called Exotic Shard.

You can get an Exotic Shard from dismantling unwanted exotics or buying them from once-a-week NPC vendor Xur for seven Strange Coins. It’s worth noting that exotic weapons now start at a higher base attack value, but have a narrowed upgrade range to compensate for the changes Bungie has made with today’s update.

Here’s a significant change: destination materials (Spinmetal, Relic Iron, Spirit Bloom and Helium Filaments) now drop from completing the Daily Heroic mission and the Daily Patrol Bounty. You can also buy them using Vanguard Marks and Crucible Marks. The exchange rate is 10 Marks for 20 upgrade materials. This changes the way material farming works so that hunting down chests in Patrol mode is not the only realistic option for players.

Those who play the game’s raid, Vault of Glass, will be disappointed to know that Bungie has tweaked the Templar boss fight so that it can’t be forced off its platform. Using grenades to do this was a popular “cheese” tactic among players.

And finally, Bungie has fixed an issue that was causing the Xbox One version’s frame-rate to drop for those who were using party chat.

Here are the patch notes in full:



  • In preparation for the Dark Below, Exotic Armour and Weapons no longer require Ascendant Materials to upgrade
  • The final upgrade node of all Exotic Gear will require an Exotic Shard
  • Exotic Shards can be obtained by one of the following means: Dismantling unwanted Exotics, Purchased from Xur for 7 Strange Coins
  • Exotics now start at a higher base Attack value and have a narrowed upgrade range to compensate


  • Projectiles now briefly highlight targets on impact
  • Mark of the Devourer DoT (damage-over-time) upgrade increased against PvE enemy targets
  • Reload Speed increased
  • Magazine Size increased
  • Ammo inventory size increased
  • Stability and Weapon Handling increased


  • Magazine Size increased to 8 bursts (was 5)
  • Ammo inventory size increased
  • String of Curses now also decreases the cooldown of your Super on kill
  • Adjusted effects to not block first person reticle


  • Stability increased
  • Perfect Balance upgrade replaced by Fitted Stock (increases maximum possible weapon Stability)


  • Lowered total damage at the end of the mag on SUROS Regime upgrade to be more in line with the Glass Half Full perk on Legendary Auto Rifles


  • Stability increased
  • Range slightly decreased
  • Monte Carlo Method upgrade now also has a chance to fully charge melee ability on kill


  • MIDA rounds now have increased knockback against targets in both PvE and PvP


  • Send It upgrade (which was redundant) replaced by Speed Reload


  • Rate of Fire increased slightly, but Burst Damage reduced to compensate


  • Weapon Handling speed increased
  • Player Speed increased while Plan C is in hand


  • Speed Reload upgrade replaced by Extended Clip which allows the option to increase magazine size (5 bursts)


  • Attack Power increased to 323 (from 300)
  • Base Damage increased, fixing bug introduced in previous patch
  • Enhanced Battery upgrade by Extended Mag (this change still allows for a significant upgrade to Magazine Size, but less than before)


  • Reload Speed increased significantly, auto fires slightly slower


  • Send It upgrade replaced by Lightweight (which was redundant as Icebreaker already had maximum range)
  • New effects for enemies killed by Ice Breaker upgrade


  • Snapshot upgrade replaced by Custom Optics (provides a lower zoom option)


  • Stability increased


  • Magazine Size increased to 3 (was 1)



  • Fixed an issue we introduced in a previous patch, in which Atheon did not correctly send 3 players through the time gates
  • Fixed an exploit where the Templar could be forced off its platform


  • Destination Materials now drop from completing the Daily Heroic


  • Removed the ‘Relic Hunter’ Bounty
  • Destination Materials now drop from completing the Daily Patrol Bounty


  • Reduced Cryptarch reputation gain from Engrams, but reputation reward packages now have an increased chance for Legendary Engrams
  • Players will now be able to use Vanguard Marks and Crucible Marks to purchase Spinmetal, Relic Iron, Spirit Bloom, and Helium Filaments from the Vanguard and Crucible Quartermasters in the Tower
  • Xur now sells a new material, Exotic Shards, to upgrade the final node of Exotics for 7 Strange Coins
  • Faction Class Items (ex: FWC Cloak, Dead Orbit Mark, etc.) are now replaced by Faction Emblems in the rank-up reward packages from Faction Vendors


  • Networking fixes, which should reduce the instance of the Bee family of KTOs
  • Fixed an issue in which using Xbox One party chat induced a slower frame rate

Destiny’s The Dark Below Opening Cinematic LEAKED!

The opening cinematic for Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, has leaked online and is now available to watch, courtesy of YouTube user Mr. Jester6598.

According to the video’s description, it was leaked due to an error. Check out the cinematic below.

The Dark Below is slated for launch Dec. 9. It’s one of two current expansions planned for the game, the other being House of Wolves. The Dark Below raises the game’s Light level cap from 30 to 32, adds five additional bounty slots and more endgame gear. It also includes a second raid, Crota’s End, and three new competitive multiplayer maps.

Looking for Public Events in Destiny?

It’s been like a week since I’ve posted anything! I’ve been pretty busy between my groups, my kids and pets, and of course, gaming! I’ve been pretty hooked on Destiny since the day I brought it home, than I had like a 2 week dry spell and now I’m stuck on this game like white on rice! If I plan on getting this website finished, or mostly done, than I’ll have to put the controller down for a bit.

Sooo, since we’re on the topic of Destiny… There’s an awesome website that lists countdowns for public events, exotic bounties and also tower timers as well. I have to say for the most part, they’re usually correct, and I use this site all the time to find these events. There was maybe 1 or 2 times they were off by a minute or so, but other than that – this is place to get the list! They have it listed by planet, so everything is really easy to find. Their engine uses an auto-learning algorithm to adjust times based on “thumbs up” feedback. When an event starts they ask that you press the thumbs up button. The algorithm will detect trending changes if Bungie changes their Public Events schedule.

..and this is what you’ll see when looking at events by world. The colored coded symbols on the left show how likely an event is going to happen. Green is common, orange is uncommon and red is rare.

Bungie explains why Destiny’s DLC is on disc

….if you even want to call it an explanation. 

For weeks now, Destiny players have been glitching into walls and finding secrets that they weren’t meant to see. Buried in the game’s files are all sorts of hidden zones that you can’t access normally, some of which will be used for Destiny’s upcoming downloadable content.

That’s right—Destiny has committed one of gaming’s cardinal sins: On-Disc DLC.

On-disc DLC—that is to say, content that’s on a game’s disc but is locked until you download more files and potentially pay more money—has become taboo in the video game world for a number of reasons. For one, there’s the whole psychological element—if you’re paying for a video game, you’d expect to be able to access everything that’s on the disc you bought. More importantly, the very idea of DLC being ready in time to ship alongside the main game would imply that the game’s developers cut out that content to be sold separately.

Of course, there are all sorts of possible factors in play here—there are scenarios where parts of a development team might start work on DLC while other members of the team are finishing up the main game, therefore allowing some early assets to ship with the disc. In this case, it’s clear that most of the unfinished zones aren’t quite fully baked yet, and there’s no clear evidence that Bungie cut out planned content just to sell it later. Sill, just the words “on-disc DLC” are enough to make some gamers’ skin crawl. So Eurogamer asked Bungie president Harold Ryan about it:

I’m sure you sure the recent leaks with players able to see a lot of this planned content already in the game. Based on what you’ve told me, a lot of that doesn’t seem to be in The Dark Below.

Harold Ryan: There’s a bunch of shared-world content we’ve shipped on the disc specifically to limit download sizes for people. Both inside the US and all over the world, how much you download on your local home internet connection can be a problem, and even how much storage space it takes up on your console. So we share a lot of assets across all the activities in the game. When people get into areas that aren’t unlocked right now, they’re seeing pieces we built and shipped ahead of time, but they’re by no means the finished experiences or even the finished content.

But when we can get into these areas already and see this content, there’s a feeling at the content is finished, cut and saved for DLC.

Harold Ryan: No. Eris and her story were built over the last three months, long after the game was done. For example for The Dark Below, that included the activities and the bosses and all of the polish of it.
Satisfying explanation? Irritating non-answer? You be the judge!

Destiny gets into the Halloween spirit

You can become a pumpkin-headed legend in Destiny, thanks to the game’s latest update, which adds a handful of Halloween-themed items. The most important of those, at least from a visual standpoint, is the new Jackolyte item.

Players can score some Jackolyte by visiting the Postmaster, who should have three of the consumable item waiting for them in an All Hallow’s Eve package. Yes, the headwear is consumable and limited, but you’ll be able to sport a spooky three-eyed jack-o’-lantern for as long as it lasts. If you need more, the Hive reportedly drops Jackolyte and another consumable called Flight of Shadows, which changes the appearance of your respawn.

The update also adds four new Sparrows which are decorated with some flame graphics that may or may not enhance the sensation of it being Halloween this week.

Destiny Update

Bungie has released an update for Destiny that fixes some connectivity issues with players. Along with this, some boss exploits in the Vault of Glass have been fixed. To learn more about these fixes, please visit Bungie’s official site.

Bungie has hinted at some future changes as well. Expect to see improvements for the exotic weapons Bad Juju and Thorn, Voice chat between matchmade teammates, and larger inventory space for Bounties.


  • Fixed an issue in which multiple errors reported with “Zebra” error codes
  • Errors previously reporting as “Zebra” will now display as their own separate codes
  • Fixed a rare issue related to being Kicked To Login repeatedly
  • Fixed a rare issue that resulted in a Kick To Orbit reported with the “Cockatoo” error code


  • Fixed an issue where some players would occasionally be erroneously kicked at the beginning of an activity due to a server error
  • Increased protection against account corruption


  • Atheon no longer chooses the three Guardians furthest away from him when teleporting players through the timestream. Three random Guardians will now be chosen, regardless of location. This removes defined roles from the final boss encounter and means that all players must understand all elements and responsibilities of the fight.
  • Atheon can no longer be forced off the edge of the platform via Warlock Sunsinger grenades. Bungie has patched the edges of cliffs to prevent Atheon from falling off entirely.