Just a few rants & such…

It’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve updated this site. (Sheesh!) Between work, veterinary school, kids, and fostering 2 litter of kittens I barely have time for myself, let alone the projects I’ve been working on including this website. Since I got a new gaming PC and recently fixed up my laptop I can finally start working on Geek and Nerd again! So just be patient I’m trying to put this new layout together and I have 6 drafts I’m working on too. (Yay! Content!)

I’ve been getting quite a few emails from readers asking when I was going to start updating the site and how much they like it. I’m working on doing reviews on every single video game I personally own and have played and beaten. Also I may start a YT channel with Mama Cupcake doing walkthroughs to old school RPG games like Final Fantasy, Earthbound, The Legend of Zelda, Drakken, Breath of Fire, Chrono Cross, etc. I mean after all it WAS my Mama who had gotten me into gaming when I was in diapers. She told me it’s how I learned to read and write full sentences by the age of 2. Plus my teenage son wants to start a YT channel of his own for video games and such. So I have a lot of little side projects I’m trying to get started on!

But seriously guys…. thanks for all of the emails and all the love I have received from you. Honestly it motivates me to continue doing this.

❤ Always,